The Economist lays it out: Europe’s entrepreneurial crisis goes back decades

28 Jul


There’s a must-read piece on the crisis in European entrepreneurship in The Economist this week. But before you go and pore over it, I’ll warn you: brace yourself, because it’s not going to leave you entering the weekend with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

It’s stuffed with factoids that may well induce depression. For example, not only were most of Europe’s biggest companies were built out of the industrial revolution but in fact continental Europe has produced just one of the world’s top 500 companies over the last 30 years (California alone, by comparison, has produced 26).

Europe produces plenty of corner shops, hairdressers and so on. What it doesn’t produce enough of is innovative companies that grow quickly and end up big. In 2003, analysing Europe’s entrepreneurial gap, the European Commission cited a study which showed that during the 1990s, 19% of mid-sized firms in America were classified as…

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digital history blogs worth digging

16 Jul

so many links so little time to explain them it is dead, it is buried, but it still smells good

and one day must try the sketchup tutorial

and slightly left of field

First Issue of the International Journal of Role-Playing

8 Jan

The first issue apparently went live on 31 December 2008. I wrote mine so long ago I cannot claim it will astound but the other articles really do look good. Congratulations to the editorial team!

New blog address

1 Dec

I will only post on in the future, no more on this derelict website!

US universities and their funding

1 Nov

This news about Hewlet Foundation grants to Berkeley has some interesting figures:

While UC Berkeley’s endowment has more than doubled to $2.46 billion over the past decade, its growth has been dwarfed by the surge in endowments at peer private institutions. Harvard University’s endowment is nearly $30 billion, and Stanford University’s is about $15 billion.”

I hope that means they can now get Berkeley faculty salaries on an equal footing!

$200 Ubantu Linux PC at Walmart

1 Nov

Hmm not sure if Walmart is the huge company about to take over Australia, but should be able to order this linux box for just over $200 US dollars (today 92 cents US is 1 Australian dollar).

$200 Ubantu PC

Sounds like a great idea but not suitable for geeks (why a full case? small is beautiful!) and not sure why it is “green” but if I can add memory and swap cards this sounds a tad interesting. Zonbu may be similar (and cheaper and greener) but seems subscription based? The Dell XP PC competitor(?) for around $340 is mentioned here.

Now I just need to see which VH projects could run on it and send them to less developed communities with a license similar(?) to Architecture for Humanity.

Hmm, these people sound interesting too, should talk to them about croquet and blender 3D.

And I am still grumbling people think PC=Windows. Grr.

What’s up in Japan

31 Oct

..some really lovely interaction devices and metaphors