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Sample chapters

6 Sep

Sample chapters.

You can now read the Introduction to The Emergence of the Digital Humanitiesat the publisher’s Website, and I’ve just posted chapter 1 in its entirety on the book’s Tumblr.


$200 Ubantu Linux PC at Walmart

1 Nov

Hmm not sure if Walmart is the huge company about to take over Australia, but should be able to order this linux box for just over $200 US dollars (today 92 cents US is 1 Australian dollar).

$200 Ubantu PC

Sounds like a great idea but not suitable for geeks (why a full case? small is beautiful!) and not sure why it is “green” but if I can add memory and swap cards this sounds a tad interesting. Zonbu may be similar (and cheaper and greener) but seems subscription based? The Dell XP PC competitor(?) for around $340 is mentioned here.

Now I just need to see which VH projects could run on it and send them to less developed communities with a license similar(?) to Architecture for Humanity.

Hmm, these people sound interesting too, should talk to them about croquet and blender 3D.

And I am still grumbling people think PC=Windows. Grr.

What’s up in Japan

31 Oct

..some really lovely interaction devices and metaphors

Brand new styles for the architectures of videogames and virtual worlds

30 Oct

we cannot use terms as Romanic, Baroque or Postmodern to talk about the architectures of videogames and virtual worlds. For this reason, here are some new definitions.. “Esoteric Steampunk (Myst, Riven, Uru, Schizm)…Classic Steampunk…Technoromanticism..”

Oh but we can! A good post for me to chew on. I still wonder why so we have a fascination for labels, especially for emergent ‘styles’ that aren’t exactly the same as what they appear to represent. Hmm.

adventure maker

18 Mar

Well so much is happening with handhelds lately.

For example, PSP games (point and click, possibly panoramas)

using adventure maker.

nintendo ds

16 Feb

Just visited halfbrick studios, and saw their dev. Interesting requirements for game designers, reminds me of programming games in basic on the old Casio calculators -memory size and pixel size is everything.
Nintendo keeps adding features to their DS and Sony PSP can be used to create games in LUA using Lua player.
Also try DS new features

GPS on a Nintendo DS

7 Jan

Well there are rumours with the wireless and other features, there may be a PDA OS for the portable game player. Already someone has added GPS and a homekit chip to preview your own built games on the DS.

And with their revolution console, will it hook up to emagin’s visor?