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What’s up in Japan

31 Oct

..some really lovely interaction devices and metaphors


Brand new styles for the architectures of videogames and virtual worlds

30 Oct

we cannot use terms as Romanic, Baroque or Postmodern to talk about the architectures of videogames and virtual worlds. For this reason, here are some new definitions.. “Esoteric Steampunk (Myst, Riven, Uru, Schizm)…Classic Steampunk…Technoromanticism..”

Oh but we can! A good post for me to chew on. I still wonder why so we have a fascination for labels, especially for emergent ‘styles’ that aren’t exactly the same as what they appear to represent. Hmm.

Commentpress and Thoughtmesh

26 Oct

sorry for the long break, anyway, here are some more ideas:

–I wonder if commentpress could work for a conference website themes page where people could add their comments

thoughtmesh with video makes me think of using this in my narrative and gameplay course next year for a form of interactive storyboard editing (if it can be modified!)

If there is a way of combining say youtube video splices with text systems like the above that may make an interesting/useful instructional system.