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digital history blogs worth digging

16 Jul

so many links so little time to explain them it is dead, it is buried, but it still smells good

and one day must try the sketchup tutorial

and slightly left of field


Commentpress and Thoughtmesh

26 Oct

sorry for the long break, anyway, here are some more ideas:

–I wonder if commentpress could work for a conference website themes page where people could add their comments

thoughtmesh with video makes me think of using this in my narrative and gameplay course next year for a form of interactive storyboard editing (if it can be modified!)

If there is a way of combining say youtube video splices with text systems like the above that may make an interesting/useful instructional system.

Update on website for 2007

22 Apr is my new personal website. is my workplace website where I started employment 8 January 2008. A new university, campus, department, everything!