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US universities and their funding

1 Nov

This news about Hewlet Foundation grants to Berkeley has some interesting figures:

While UC Berkeley’s endowment has more than doubled to $2.46 billion over the past decade, its growth has been dwarfed by the surge in endowments at peer private institutions. Harvard University’s endowment is nearly $30 billion, and Stanford University’s is about $15 billion.”

I hope that means they can now get Berkeley faculty salaries on an equal footing!


$200 Ubantu Linux PC at Walmart

1 Nov

Hmm not sure if Walmart is the huge company about to take over Australia, but should be able to order this linux box for just over $200 US dollars (today 92 cents US is 1 Australian dollar).

$200 Ubantu PC

Sounds like a great idea but not suitable for geeks (why a full case? small is beautiful!) and not sure why it is “green” but if I can add memory and swap cards this sounds a tad interesting. Zonbu may be similar (and cheaper and greener) but seems subscription based? The Dell XP PC competitor(?) for around $340 is mentioned here.

Now I just need to see which VH projects could run on it and send them to less developed communities with a license similar(?) to Architecture for Humanity.

Hmm, these people sound interesting too, should talk to them about croquet and blender 3D.

And I am still grumbling people think PC=Windows. Grr.