Lettting the Audience Onto the Stage (notes)

22 Dec

Interesting powerpoint slides of the day, Lettting the Audience Onto the Stage: The Potential of VR Drama. This talk by Ernest Adams, at Virtual Storytelling, which I did not attend (shame! as I was on the review committee), raised some good points.

*Good interactive stories require good interactive actors.

*Head mounted displays (like my new HMD) destroys the social nature of many console games and teleporting breaks immersion (well, not always, but that is a post for another day).

*MMOGs are not good for storytelling, too many people etc. Hmm, not sure if that is a cause or a related effect. Maybe it is hard to focus or feel unique with too many other characters, or maybe it causes coginitive overloading.

*Tactical and strategic immersion “If the player wants to solve it and is good at it, he will become immersed”–new and useful terms for me!

*Role playing is not about player freedom but player complicity (for want of a better word). The player must care about the role. Huizinga said cheaters are still in the magic circle and spoilsports are not. Hmm.


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